Bjorn Borgonia

Jon Borgonia


  • Strong understanding of JavaScript and deep experience with a number of JavaScript frameworks including React and Angular.
  • Many popular Server Side Web Frameworks including Hapi, Express, Rails, Gorilla, and Phoenix.
  • Many Web software testing frameworks including Jasmine, Mocha and Lab.
  • Many popular SQL and NoSQL databases such as Postgres, Cassandra, and DynamoDB.
  • Some native development languages such as Objective-C and C++.
  • Containerization with Docker, rkt and Kubernetes.
  • Some deployment tools such as ansible and chef.
  • Many Penetration Testing tools from Kali such as metasploit and nmap.
  • Obsessed with tests, shell scripts, and automation.


  • DevLeague ranked top ten 2017 Coding Bootcamps Switchup
  • DevLeague ranked top twenty 2016 Coding Bootcamps Switchup
  • Awarded with 2 Pele awards for client side ux

Bjorn Borgonia

Jon Borgonia

I am a passionate and experienced web application developer looking for a role that will allow me to leverage my skills improving site reliability, infrastructure management, deployment and designing scalable infrastructure.


  • Goma Games — Sr. Software and SysOps Engineer

    03 2011 - PresentHonoluluairshipcms.ioGithub

    Architects, secures and maintains all automation processes and infrastructure for digital products and services, including Airship CMS, a subscription content management & web deployment product.

  • Dev League — Curriculum Designer and Lead Instructor

    03 2013 -

    Develops curriculum, facilitates courses, trains program instructors, and lectures on specialized subjects such as frontend frameworks, best practices, and application deployment, for the full-stack web application development bootcamp.

  • CircaVictor — Sr. Software, SysOps, Network Security

    02 2017 - 04 2017Washington

    Developed microservices, data translation/migration tools, educated and enforced network security measures and deployment workflow.

  • WebMocha — Sr. Software Engineer

    01 2016 - 02 2017San

    Developed microservices, REST APIs, Single Page Applications, and enforced test driven development for enterprise grade solutions.

  • Humanhand — CTO, Sr. Software Engineer

    08 2008 - 09 2015Honolulu

    Created and trained a web team to build content management systems and e-commerce web applications.

  • Team Vision — Sr. Software Engineer

    01 2006 - 08 2008Honolulu

    Developed e-commerce web applications, enterprise web solutions, and interactive marketing websites.


  • Amazon Web Services

    06 2016AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification

    06 2016AWS Certified Developer

  • Hawaii Pacific University

    06 2010Management of Information Systems